Is THIS the secret to getting the most out of your Gym membership?

Are you someone who loves to keep fit but find your gym membership a bit monotonous? Do you want to get THE most out of your regular gym visits? If so, Axercise might just be the secret you need to make keeping fit exciting! Axercise provides the same fitness and exercised levels that a gym does, but with […]

How to MAXIMISE Your Gym Routine with Axercise!

Looking to get the most out of your gym routine? Well, look no further, because Axercise has the perfect solution for you! Already hitting the gym regularly? This is perfect for taking your routine to that next level. Get the most out of your gym routine with the addition of axe–swinging sessions at Axercise! Axe swinging […]

Check out the NEWEST and most UNIQUE fitness trend in Kidderminster!

The newest & most unique fitness trend has hit Kidderminster. Axercise combines fitness and exercise with the immense fun of axe swinging, lumberjack style. The whole area has caught the new axe-swinging fitness bug! In this unique venue, located on Green Street near the heart of the town centre, participants get to experience the ultimate fitness […]

The Lumberjack Experience has arrived in Kidderminster!

Introducing The Lumberjack Experience, brought to you by Axercise Kidderminster and TimberJacks Kidderminster. This new experience is the perfect blend of adventure and leisure, offering a 60 minute session where you can unleash your inner lumberjack and get your adrenaline pumping. The best part? You don‘t have to be a seasoned athlete to enjoy this […]

Axercise featured on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester!

If you’re in the Herefordshire or Worcestershire area, you may have got a bit of a surprise if you were listening to BBC Hereford & Worcester this morning, as Axercise was featured on the breakfast show with Tammy Gooding! Tammy and her producer Lauren headed down to our Green Street, Kidderminster venue to give this […]

The Incredible Benefits of Axe Swinging Fitness for Rugby Athletes

Are you a rugby athlete looking to take your game to the next level? Look no further! We have an incredible fitness routine that will not only build your strength and power but also give you an edge on the field. Introducing axe swinging fitness – a unique and exhilarating workout that targets muscles you […]

Chop Your Way to a Six-Pack

(Original article by Daniel Harding, Jr) Source: Men’s Journal Splitting firewood might be one of the manliest pastimes anyone can ever have. You, alone, outdoors, splitting logs with one smooth swing of your axe; if that doesn’t grow the stubborn part of your beard, nothing will. Alas, with the invention of the Duraflame log and gas […]

Wood Splitting for Exercise

(By Bobby R. Goldsmith) Source: livestrong.com Many people, when they think of working out, picture running shoes, treadmills, barbells and weight rooms with specific dedicated exercises. The truth is, though, that many chores and tasks that you need to do every day can provide an excellent full-body workout. For example, the simple yet difficult act […]

Ditch the Dumbbells and Build Muscle with an Axe Instead

(By Daniel Davies) Source: Men’s Health Sick of bicep curls? Tired of treadmills? Bored by chest day? Well, we have a new full-body workout for you to try. Although, you will need an axe, a log of wood, a chainsaw and supervision from a professional. Welcome to the world of Timberports, which, to explain it in its basic terms, […]