Axercise Pre-Launch Event a Success

Posted by Team Axercise

Posted by Team Axercise

With the exciting launch of Axercise Kidderminster not far away now, we hosted a pre-launch event last Thursday 21st to give members of the public and our own staff across TimberJacks a taste of what to expect from the brand-new venue when it opens on October 2nd.

The event was a success, with many attendees making their way over to our doors at Green Street, Kidderminster. We gave everyone a tour of the glistening premises, and once settled in, people were keen to get involved, don the safety wear, and swing axes!

Our resident personal trainer Matt McClure was present to offer guidance to all involved and ensure that everyone was quickly getting the hang of the technique behind our axe swinging activities.

The event also proved a useful opportunity to grab some stunning photography of the venue in action and some of the best moments of the evening, the results of which is already visible across this website.

We provided plenty of refreshments too – our complimentary pizza, chips and cakes proved to be a welcome treat for everyone after a fulfilling session of axe swinging!

Everyone at Axercise is pleased that the event was a success, and while we now add the very final touches to the venue, we are looking forward to our official opening day of October 2nd!

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