How to MAXIMISE Your Gym Routine with Axercise!

Posted by Team Axercise

Posted by Team Axercise

Looking to get the most out of your gym routine? Well, look no further, because Axercise has the perfect solution for you! Already hitting the gym regularly? This is perfect for taking your routine to that next level. Get the most out of your gym routine with the addition of axeswinging sessions at Axercise!

Axe swinging is an intense activity that uses both the upper and lower body simultaneously. You will be swinging an felling axe at genuine wooden logs, engaging your core and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Moreover, you can be sure that all the axeswinging is conducted safely and under the supervision of our trained instructors, giving you the confidence to get the most out of this unique workout.

Axercise is perfect for a supplementary workout beyond the treadmills and weights, and is very easy to slot in around your pre-existing gym routine. For example, if you currently visit your gym three times a week, you could visit Axercise on one or two of the four days you are not visiting the gym, or even come to us straight after your gym workout, if you are not quite feeling worked out enough for the day! We offer several options for booking a session, from single sessions to boot camps!

We have a resident Personal Trainer, Matt McClure, who will be on hand during your sessions to ensure that you are getting the most out of your session and swinging the axe with confidence.

This activity caters for all fitness levels, so it doesnt matter if youre a beginner or a more experienced gymgoer; everyone is welcome. Taking part in this type of activity can really kick your gym routine up a notch, and youll feel the benefits in no time. What sort of benefits can you expect? Axe swinging can help increase your cardiovascular fitness, speed, and agility. It‘s also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, while simultaneously working your core. All this in just one session! So, why not try axe swinging with Axercise and take your gym routine to the next level? Click here to book your session.

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