Is THIS the secret to getting the most out of your Gym membership?

Are you someone who loves to keep fit but find your gym membership a bit monotonous? Do you want to get THE most out of your regular gym visits? If so, Axercise might just be the secret you need to make keeping fit exciting! Axercise provides the same fitness and exercised levels that a gym does, but with […]

How to MAXIMISE Your Gym Routine with Axercise!

Looking to get the most out of your gym routine? Well, look no further, because Axercise has the perfect solution for you! Already hitting the gym regularly? This is perfect for taking your routine to that next level. Get the most out of your gym routine with the addition of axe–swinging sessions at Axercise! Axe swinging […]

Check out the NEWEST and most UNIQUE fitness trend in Kidderminster!

The newest & most unique fitness trend has hit Kidderminster. Axercise combines fitness and exercise with the immense fun of axe swinging, lumberjack style. The whole area has caught the new axe-swinging fitness bug! In this unique venue, located on Green Street near the heart of the town centre, participants get to experience the ultimate fitness […]

Axercise featured on BBC Radio Hereford & Worcester!

If you’re in the Herefordshire or Worcestershire area, you may have got a bit of a surprise if you were listening to BBC Hereford & Worcester this morning, as Axercise was featured on the breakfast show with Tammy Gooding! Tammy and her producer Lauren headed down to our Green Street, Kidderminster venue to give this […]

How we built the UK’s FIRST Axe Swinging Fitness Venue in just 46 DAYS!

The UK’s first ever axe swinging fitness venue, Axercise, is now open on Green Street, Kidderminster! The 5,000m2 premises is large enough to fit 14 comfortably, with safety exclusion areas around all of the stations. Incredibly, our team transformed the previously disused carpet warehouse into the stunning venue we have today in just 46 days! […]